How To Get A 6 Pack In A Month

Submitted by: Rico Pleasant

You might be thinking, “is it possible to get a 6 pack in a month?” The answer is “Yes!” It is extremely possible to get those ripped abs of your dreams, but you will have to put in the work. I’m here to tell you that it will not be a walk in the park, but it is achievable if you follow what I outline in this article. If getting a 6 pack is your goal in a month’s time, then your fat percentage must already be low. I know you are probably saying that this article is about getting those results in a month, but you can still eventually get a 6 pack even if you currently have a big belly. Unfortunately, if you currently have a big belly, you will not get a 6 pack in a month. At one time in your life, you probably had that 20 inch waist line and one day woke up to realize it was hard for you to put your shoes on because of those extra inches packed around your mid-section. Those extra inches packed around your mid-section didn’t come overnight even though it may seem that way. Getting a six pack can still happen for those people with the larger waist lines, but you have to achieve this in a healthy way. Your goal should be to lose about a pound per week. People with low body fat have the potential to get results in one month’s time. However, people who are overweight will not likely achieve the same results in such a short time period. Apply these principles step by step, and in no time you’ll be taking that shirt off with confidence!

The first principle on how to get a 6 pack in a month isn’t doing sit-ups, or crunches until you pass out, but choosing the right exercises to fatigue those muscles to burn as many calories as possible. I see people all the time at the gym doing countless reps of crunches thinking that will cause them to burn the fat on their stomach. That is so wrong! You are simply building your abs up underneath the layers of fat, which make your belly look even bigger. You are building muscle and you may even have abs, but no one will see it because they are hidden underneath the fat. Another misconception on losing fat is doing low intensity cardio for a long period of time. While a long cardio session is good for your overall health, it will not get you that 6 pack in a month that you want. I recommend that you do no longer than 20 minutes every other day of very intense cardio. This type of training is referred to as interval training. Pick an exercise such as the treadmill or the elliptical machine, and then warm up for five minutes to get your joints and muscles loose and ready for battle. With these types of cardio exercises, achieving the highest heart rate is what we are going for. Before we go any further on this, I’m going to show you how to calculate or determine what your heart rate should be. Check your heart rate first thing in the morning to determine your “resting heart rate”. I suggest that you go to Sports Academy and purchase a heart rate watch. Heart rate watches seem to be the most accurate. I have discovered some watches as inexpensive as $50.The heart rate watch that I use is the Polar Fitness FT4 Heart Rate Monitor. First, get your “resting heart rate” and write it down. We are going to use the “resting heart rate” in a calculation to see what your “maximum heart rate” should be. For example, let’s say that your “resting heart rate” is 60, and you want to determine your estimated “maximum heart rate”; subtract 220 from your current age. Since I’m 33 years old, my calculation will look like this 220 – 33 = 187. Subtract the “maximum” from your “resting heart rate” (187 – 60 =127); the goal you want to accomplish is to have 90% of your “maximum heart rate” by the end of your interval. The calculation will look like this, 60 + (90% x 127) = 174. Your heart rate should go down to about 60% of your heart rate at the end of your workout, 60 + (60% x 127) = 136. Your range should be around 174, and this will cause you to burn as many calories as possible. After a good warm up, start by increasing the intensity of your workout to get that heart rate to the maximum and by trying to keep it for at least 30 seconds if possible. Your goal is to try to get your heart rate up and hold it for at least three minutes; followed by resting to let your heart rate decrease; and following the steps for at least twenty minutes. This will shock your body and cause you to burn the fat in your stomach first. Also by doing interval training, you have the potential to burn calories all day. Even after you are done working out, your body is still burning calories. This type of training is especially beneficial for the people with slow metabolism because they can now burn calories like people with a fast metabolism.


My second principle on how to get a 6 pack in a month is weight training. You might think that interval training would be enough because it’s so rough and hard on the body. Actually, to get the results in a month’s time, you have to go that extra mile. While I’m at the gym I see people who mostly use machines to build muscle. Although this may be good for getting some results, we should be focusing on the exercises that burn the most calories to get a 6 pack. My advice would be to work on the biggest muscles in the body that will give you massive results. This will not include any work on the abs because having very low fat percentage will guarantee that your abs will show. Legs are the largest muscles in the body, and when leg exercises are done correctly you can burn as many calories doing heavy squats in half the times as doing cardio. I like to pyramid and increase my weight on every set of squats. I would start out with 135×20 to get the blood flowing followed with 185×15 to make sure I’m warmed up for the damage put on my legs. After the warm up, I increase my weight to 225 and then go up to 400 pounds. I try to rest only for 3 minutes to keep my heart rate up and let me tell you my heart rate is usually through the roof. I use my heart rate watch to monitor my heart rate and my resting time. After I complete my squats, I move immediately to the leg press and perform five sets of heavy presses. After I’m done, I look at my heart rate watch and most of the time I have burned over 500 calories with an average heart rate of approximately 170. This is also a form of interval training because my heart rate is extremely high and I burn massive amounts of calories in a short period of time. After doing legs, I move right along to doing my cardio for twenty minutes. After cardio, I check my watch again and the majority of the time I have burned a total of 1000 calories in 50 minutes with an average heart rate of 170. My heart rate usually fluctuates with the lowest being approximately 165 and the highest being 185. The second biggest muscle in the body is the back. On my second workout day, I pound out my back with the hardest exercises that get my heart rate up. I perform exercises such as heavy barbell rows, dumbbell rows, pull ups, and reverse pull ups to really get my heart rate up. When doing my back, I usually rest for 1 minute and my heart rate is normally close to 170. Also by lifting heavy, I build large amounts of muscle, which in the long run burns calories 24/7. For all the other muscle groups of the body, I usually perform them in the following order over the next two days: chest and shoulders and biceps and triceps. I also pound out these exercises with no rest in between to keep my heart rate up.

My third and final principle on how to get a 6 pack in a month is nutrition. My recommended diet is easy to do but it becomes harder towards the end of the week due to fatigue from exercising. I strongly recommend the ketosis diet because it increases the body’s ability to utilize fats for fuel. Basically, you will be on a very low carb diet, which means only consuming as low as 30 grams of carbs per day. The majority of the calories that you will consume will be from meat and veggies. I’m not going to explain this in depth because you can learn more by searching ketosis diet. This diet is by far the best diet that will help you lose large amounts of fat in the shortest period!

About the Author: My name is Rico Pleasant and I love to workout almost everyday, and I love to fish.


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