3 Quickest Ways To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks}

Submitted by: Kaye Medalla

As people grow in age, their metabolism slows down and they start to pack in some unwanted fats on different parts of their body. This can’t be helped so if you are in the same situation right now and have been looking for the quickest weight loss plan today then I have some good news and bad news for you.

I’m sure you would like learn about the good news first. I actually have 3 quick weight loss suggestions for you and they have been proven to help most people to lose weight fast.

1. Diet pill or slimming teas- What do they do? Diet pills come with different compositions. And the chemicals within is responsible if you are going to lose food cravings, if you are going to burn fat, and if you are going to increase the rate of your metabolism. This is the most convenient option most busy people go for.

2. The cabbage soup diet – this is a short term diet, and one of the favorite quickest weight loss diets that you can do for 7 days. Yes, cabbage soup is all you are going to eat plus some additional food that you will need to supplement yourself. It’s actually a “quick fix” if you just really need to fit into that cool tight jeans that you bought for that special party you’re going to next week.


3. Bariatric Surgery – this is the most aggressive option people go through. And this will require for the removal of large segments of your stomach and intestine so you’ll feel full even after eating only a small amount of food.

Now, you may be wondering what’s the bad news.

1. The diet pills and slimming teas who claim to be the “quick fix” everybody needs have been associated with a lot of health risks and complications, and the side effects usually ranges from simple uncomfortable leg cramps everyday to heart palpitations even at rest and to more serious heart and kidney problems. So be sure to consult your physician before taking any diet pills.

2. The cabbage soup diet – Well, actually I do not have any bad news for you with cabbage soup, this diet plan really works but I just would like to remind you that this is not advisable to be used for a long term diet plan. It can help to jump start your weight loss but it has a short term effect because you would regain the weight back when you go back to the daily routine you were used to.

3. Bariatric surgery – Wow, are we going over board already. This is surely a drastic course to take so let’s just forget about it. I was just kidding.

When choosing a diet program, aside from thinking if it’s the quickest weight loss plan, I think you should also consider how much weight you are going to lose from using the program, is it safe, can you stick to it and will it give you a long term benefit for you to avoid the weight loss roller coaster ride once and for all.

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