Do You Need To Take Off The Battery When You Use Laptop And Do External Connection(Ac)?

Do you need to take off thebattery when you use laptop and do external connection(AC)?

We’ve said ,the lifespan of batter is not depend upon its amount time ,on the contrary ,it is depend upon frequency of charge and discharge practically ( NOT the times of testing software).


If you do not take off battery often from laptop ,once you pull out AC electricity supply , the battery still would discharge gradually even though you do cut off electricity supply of laptop( because the lithium ion battery is not insulative totally, moreover, battery is intergrated in sterring circuit ,when you turn on AC electricity supply, battery will go on to be dischagred. (most of batteries will be dischaged when electricty quantity is  under 95%, different model battery has different design).

So, battery will be charged and dischagred over and over when you pull out or turn on electricity supply, it  is very bad for the battery that owns great memory effect nickel-hydrogen battery,although the memory effect of lithium ion battery is not strong ,not discharge totally often still reduce the lifespan of battery in certain degree;In addition,the “heat” when laptop works also influence the lifespan of batter.

So, I suggest that we had better take off battery when laptop works in a steady electricity supply ,instead of using electric power adapter .Of course ,if the condition of electricity supply is very bad when you use laptop, meanwhile ,you do not use external connection of UPS, you had better link battery with UPS, after all ,compare with a laptop worth over ten thousands ,a battery is still cheap .Do not strain at a gnat and swallow a camel ! hehe

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