Gunite Pools: Why They Are So Popular

Gunite Pools: Why They Are So Popular by Rob TraugottGunite is a pneumatically applied concrete with superior strength, up to 6000-7000 psi. Gunite has been used to build inground swimming pools for over 30 years and its superiority to do the job is unequaled. Gunite has been used to create Olympic competition pools as well as the inground swimming pool at the White House, in which the president takes his morning laps.Contractors and homeowners alike prefer gunite because gunite inground pools can be built to any design and shape and lend themselves especially well to the homeowner with a vision. If you have a unique oasis in mind, your gunite pool builder can assist you with blueprinting the design and offer suggestions for creating a gunite deck as well as gunite pool. Your gunite pool professional will also assist you in choosing other items to fulfill the vision you have for your gunite inground pool; such as fountains, streams and landscaping. Gunite lends itself especially well to free-form pools, decks and steps. For instance you might want a flowing shape with graceful curves in your steps as well as your gunite pool. The gunite steps and pool can then be encrusted with colorful pebbles or natural stone. Gunite can also be colored, stamped, embedded with a design etc. The options are limited only by your imagination. For example, you might want a stream flowing over rocks into your pool so that you can envision yourself in a wild secluded glen where there are no worries, jobs and daily stresses. With the help of your gunite contractor you can realize that dream with a harmonizing landscape to surround your gunite inground pool. Dream a while and discuss ideas for your gunite swimming pool with your family. A good starting place is to have each family member list one or two things that they would like in their gunite inground pool and private oasis. This gives you a place to begin when you are starting to interview gunite contractors. Excavation is necessary with the installation of a gunite pool; the entire process from start to finish, normally takes 8-12 weeks. Be sure that your contractor is a member of the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals).The addition of a gunite inground swimming pool to your home is a superb investment in your health, as swimming is a wonderful form of exercise for your entire body. Swimming in your gunite pool will build long, lean muscles and give you a wonderful cardiovascular workout. For many doctors and physical therapist, swimming is the exercise of choice, because it doesn’t put pressure on joints and you don’t have to be swimming, per say, to enjoy a superior workout. You can jog in place in your gunite inground pool or simply move your arms back and forth through the water to enjoy the benefits of natural water resistance. Perhaps the best part of having a gunite inground swimming pool at your home is its accessibility. You can come home from work, slip on your suit or not, and walk out your back door to your own private oasis to take a refreshing dip in your beautiful gunite pool before dinner. In the morning or during the day you can put the baby down for a nap, take the baby monitor out to your very own inground pool and exercise without worry. A gunite inground pool also does wonders for your property value as it is the highest quality pool available.Rob Traugott serves as President of Laguna Pools, a premier pool and spa builder located in Katy, Texas. Laguna Pools has designed and built custom swimming pools, in the greater Houston area for over 30 years. Contact Rob Traugott at 281-392-8833 or visit http://www.lagunapools.comArticle Source: