Interior Wall Fountains: An Inexpensive Way To Add A Touch Of Luxury

By Elizabeth Jean

Thinking of Redecorating? Consider Interior Wall Fountains

If youve been putting off purchasing a water feature because of the expenses involved, interior wall fountains are just what the decorator ordered. Inexpensive, small in size and high on looks, these interior water features can add volumes to the affluence quotient of your house. With a horizontal or vertical granite wall fountain bubbling gently away in your living room, it wont matter that you dont have exorbitantly expensive art on your walls your house will look like the house in the glossy magazines youve always admired.

Interior Wall Fountains are an Inexpensive Option

Out of all the components that go into the making of a premium ultra luxury home, interior

wall fountains

are probably the least expensive. If expensive art, antiques, and premium furnishings are out of your budget, a wall fountain offers an affordable way to add class to your livings spaces. A large fountain might add grandeur, but it adds up quickly. Plus, the costs of maintaining a bigger fountain multiply over the years. Smaller fountains, on the other hand, are low on maintenance depending of course on the material they are made of. Learn more about wall fountains at

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Think of Interior Wall Fountains as Art

If youre short on space, interior wall fountains provide the perfect chance to make over your house without taking up a lot of pace. They protrude about 5 or 6 inches from the wall, so dont keep them in places where you expect a lot of activity from the kids or the dog.

Available in a Variety of Styles

With the explosion in the water feature market, fountains in general and interior wall fountains in particular have come to be available in a variety of textures and styles. No matter what the design layout of your home, or your lifestyle, you will find a fountain that fits in just right. Choose from cast stone fountains that are finished to resemble antique statuary, or steel and glass fountains that are sleek and blend in well with a minimalist theme. If the rest of your dcor is opulent and boasts of rich and sumptuous fabrics, granite fountains fit in perfectly. Whether you are seeking a design theme such as the rustic warmth of a vineyard or the tranquility of an aquatic oasis within your home, there is certain to be a wall fountain to suit your taste. There is no need to stifle your creativity, when the variety and affordability of wall fountains offers such a range of choices. Get more information about incorporating wall fountains with your home or office at


Interior wall fountains dont have to be placed in the living room or entrance hall. They can just as easily add to the good vibes flowing around the house, positioned in your bedroom or dining room. Wherever they are used interior

wall fountains

will continue to add glamour and style to your living spaces for years to come.

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