Jumpstart Your Search Engine Optimization With These 3 Tactics


If you are engaging in search engine optimization, whether internally or with an agency or contractor, look at the following 3 areas to figure out if they’re a concern. If so, they represent an excellent place to jumpstart your website marketing efforts.

Improve Navigation

According to our Web Design in Morgan Hill experts, all changes made to your website navigation often will be complicated but critical for jumpstarting your efforts at marketing. For most websites, the navigation concentrates too much on the website itself and not enough on assisting visitors in finding what they need.

A good example of this is as you see websites with a handful of service or product categories concealed underneath a navigation link reading “services” or “products.”

One simple method of improving your site’s navigation includes moving each of your service/product categories to your main navigation.

Increase Site Speed

According to our Web Design experts in Morgan Hill, website speed is a vital factor for algorithms. Your initial goal includes simply ensuring there isn’t any uncomfortable wait on your pages to load. So long as the delay from clicking a page to it loading is bothersome, it must be fixed.

If it’s possible to get every page to load within a couple of seconds, you may be fine for a little while and concentrate on something else. However, for any more than that, it calls for a fix.

Mobilize Your Website

Oftentimes, mobile devices include the starting point that searchers are utilizing to engage with a site. Whether they’re researching, searching, or buying something, use of mobile has been gradually overtaking desktop use, making it a more important element of marketing — so much so that making the website mobile-friendly must be your first thought instead of an afterthought.

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