Used Cars Versus New Cars

The Indian Automobile Industry is going through a golden phase with entry of new cars hitting the market. They include Maruti Kezashi, Maruti Cervo, SUV Hyundai Santa Fe, SUV Skoda Yeti, Tata Aria and many more. All these cars would spring in the market with latest features and latest generation technologies.

According to industry professionals, the launch of such cars in India will eventually contribute in continuing the ongoing great demand momentum alive throughout the year. Most of the cars have already been added in the dealer lots and are readily available by pre-order bookings.

They might be redesigned or brand new cars, manufacturers are offering these cars at great incentives to get the buzz going. Firstly, you need to research so as to determine the best car that suits your needs. You need to also check for car price so that it fits into your budget. You can also check for their reviews including criticisms and problems on Internet reported about the car.

Secondly, as the market is competitive and crowded, you can go for attractive incentives like discounted prices and 0% financing options etc .Finally, you need to check the true market value of the car while buying them and can negotiate the price.

Buying new cars is great, especially when that car offer luxury, comfort and style. However, buying a car involves other procedures car warranty, car parts and services offered after purchase.

If car price is constraint, then you can opt for used cars where you can drive the car of your dreams with less offered price. However, you need to be careful while buying them. You need to check how old the car is, car history records which help you to uncover problems such as accidents, rolled back odometer etc.

You need to assess each part of the car with an experienced mechanic as even a small repair may cost expensive. Take the car for test-drive to assess the engine, brake and clutch condition, steering responsiveness.

However, you can also opt Certified used cars that are taken up by major companies like Hyundai warranty pre-owned program, Marutis True Value and Mahindra and Mahindras First Choice Wheels. They provide you a hassle free buying experience where each car undergoes a rigorous quality checks with necessary documentations in place.

On the contrary, it is always better to buy new car than a used car, unless and until you have constraint in price and badly need a car. As the used cars are old, the maintenance cost may be high and there would be constant replacement of old parts due to wear and tear.

Besides this, most of the manufacturers offer warranty programs where you need not spend anything extra for maintenance and labor costs. New cars have more fuel efficiency, safety and also value of your life. Thus, even if you are financially strapped, you need to realize that renowned manufacturers of the cars offer you unparallel opportunities for economic mobility.

Buying any car would be a big investment, but it can always be rewarding and exciting, especially if you sense the right car at a fair price.