Workers Comp: Why You May Need A Legal Expert

Submitted by: Penny Lane

If you have been injured at work but have not filed a workman s comp claim, odds are the people around you have suggested you do otherwise. Even hiring a worker s comp lawyer may be helpful in such a case, especially if you are unsure about the details surrounding the workers compensation laws or what benefits you may be entitled to. A worker s comp attorney can put all of these things in perspective for you, no problem. At a basic level, workman s compensation is a category of insurance which employers are required to carry for their employees. The insurance must cover expenses of any injuries sustained while on the job, any job related illnesses or any wages lost because of such problems.

According to the law, any worker who has been injured on any job even if that worker is at fault for their own injury; is entitled to compensation. Any illness or injury which takes place on a job site is covered by this type of insurance policy. Such work-related issues may include back strains and sprains, cuts, burns, neck pain, shoulder pain, broken bones, heart attacks, headaches, knee issues, hypertension, wrist injuries or even carpal tunnel syndromes. If environmental conditions of a job site have negative effects on workers health, these workers are entitled to compensation as well. Workers who have been made to work in conditions where they may have been exposed to lead or asbestos poisoning can qualify for workman s compensation.


Sometimes when a worker s injury takes too long to heal it will also require a great deal of expensive therapy. Such an injury may also cause the worker to miss quite a lot of work. In this case, an attorney may be helpful in seeking any lost wages especially if a doctor has proclaimed this worker unfit for work. In the case that a doctor says a worker is fit for work but the worker feels differently, an attorney can assist in requesting a reevaluation.

Lawyers that specialize in these types of cases are especially helpful in taking care of any problems that may arise. If you have been injured in an accident at work, the last thing you want to have to deal with is the paperwork of filing a claim. Because an attorney is familiar with the workman s compensation laws, he can easily negotiate with the insurance companies involved, and arrange for a second opinion if need be.

Because just about all attorneys provide a free consultation, you would not have to worry about the additional fees of hiring an attorney until you have a good idea about the outcome of your case. That said, most workers comp lawyers do not charge until after the case is won, or on a contingency basis. Having an attorney around during the process of filing a claim means that a practiced hand will be guiding you through the case s development. An attorney can easily document all of the assistance you need as you recover from your injury, as well as the time you have lost from work.

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